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New Ypres League Aims

In the short term our aims are very straight forward and are based on the core values of the original Ypres League – 

1. To continue our commitment and obligation to the fallen by commemorating all soldiers who lost their lives in the Ypres Salient during the Great War, by attending burial, rededication and memorial services with a standard bearer and a wreath layer.

2. To restore the historic relationship between the Ypres League and St Georges Memorial Church.

3. To reinstate Ypres Day, October 31st as a commemoration day in the city of Ypres.

4. To monitor the condition and status of the Demarcation Stones funded by the Ypres League in the 1920s. It especially hopes to establish the whereabouts of the ‘lost’ Demarcation Stone No 21 at Wieltje, which was funded by the Ypres League, and strives to have this re-erected at the original site.

5. To foster good relations between the people of Ypres and visitors from the Commonwealth. One particular project aims at searching - and launching an appeal for the return of artifacts taken as war souvenirs during and after the war.

6. To introduce a programme of information boards relevant to the Ypres League at relevant sites starting with Hellfire Corner.

7. To build relationships with the city of Ypres, its surrounding towns and all our fellow remembrance organisations in the area and to promote the ideal of peace and reconciliation.

8. To develop a youth section so the important work of remembrance can be carried forward by the next generation.

Remember To Help Us Remember Them
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