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Our Standard is Missing!

standard cut.jpg

The original Ypres League standard (flag) was dedicated on June 1st 1929 and was paraded at all major commemorations of the Ypres League, including the Cenotaph, until the disbandment of the organisation. Its colours were quoted as "a background of blue with gold fringe...the circle in the centre is scarlet with the lion and portcullis in silk".

The League published its desire that the standard, on completion of its lifetime, should be laid up in St Georges Memorial Church in Ypres. This never happened and the standard seems to have vanished in the post WW2 era.

I am convinced that (IF) it still exists it is hanging somewhere ( maybe a church, school chapel, stately home) in plain view.

So for all you budding detectives out there, lets see if we can track down the original standard and with the current guardians permission have it laid up in its rightful place in St Georges Memorial Church in Ypres.

If you know of its whereabouts PLEASE contact us via the contact tab at the top of the page.

Many thanks and good hunting!

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